Take a Break & Take a Walk

By shopsaroundlenox | 2022-06-14
Category: Blog Wellness

Beautiful weather calls for a mental health walk (or run!). Running and walking are great ways to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and lower blood pressure. So when you’re working from home or sitting in front of your screen all day – don’t forget to take a break, get some fresh air and take a walk.

  • The benefits of walking (or light jogging) are endless – adding this ritual to your daily routine strengthens muscles, lungs, and immunity.
  • Consistent walkers have stronger hearts and lower blood pressure than those that do not walk regularly.
  • These benefits overflow into other parts of the body and begin to lower stress and anxiety. Each of these benefits can improve your overall happiness and quality of life.

Do you need a running or walking buddy to kickstart your new ritual? Lululemon’s Run Club meets every Sunday at 9:15AM. No sign up necessary. Challenge yourself, be consistent, and you will see the benefits of getting on the move.

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